• MaxCare Toilet Blocks - 12pk
  • MaxCare Toilet Blocks - 12pk
  • MaxCare Toilet Blocks - 12pk
  • MaxCare Toilet Blocks - 12pk

MaxCare Toilet Blocks - 12pk

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MAXCARE Toilet Blue Block. Each of these toilet blue blocks can keep your toilet bowl fresh and clean up to 2 weeks depending on frequence of usage. Just drop one tablet into the water tank, it will do the job for you.


* Clean& deodorize automatically up to 2 weeks each tab
* Easy to use - just drop a tablet in the toilet tank and it goes to work! fights odors, dirt and stains around the clock
* Storage - strong oxidizing agent. Keep away from open flame. Store in original package and away from children
* First aid - if in eyes, rinse with running water for at least 15 minutes. if on skin, wash with plenty of soap and water.
* Warning - do not swallow, it will irritate eyes, nose, throat and skin

Package Includes:

* 12 x 4 (48 blocks) packs

Directions for use

1. remove lid from the toilet tank

2. remove wrapped block from blister packaging

3. flush toilet and drop the wrapped tablet into the empty tank near the float and away from water inlet

4. allow 5-10 minutes for the tablet to settle in the tank before initial flushing

5. replace a new tablet when you see the colour of water fading

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