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  • Ear Candles 10 Pairs
  • Ear Candles 10 Ps
  • Ear Candles 10 Pairs
  • Ear Candles 10 Ps

Ear Candles 10 Ps

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Ear candles have been used in ancient indian medicine for many years and have become very popular with modern therapists as a treatment method that has amazing physical and spiritual benefits.



* They create a light suction action (chimney effect) which soothes earache and headache, relaxes naturally and releases new energies.
* An excellent alternative to ear syringing.
* Made from unbleached natural cotton and beeswax and are fitted with a filtered end which is curved in shape to make a comfortable and safe addition for ear insertion.

To help with any of the following conditions:

Hearing difficulties
Ear irritations
Sinus problems
Ear wax
Glue ear
Ear ache
Swimmers ear

Note: If any discomfort or allergies occurs, please stop using it immediately. If you are unsure about using this product, please consult a medical professional.


* Condition: Brand new
* Material: Wax
* Length: 23.5cm
* Comes in 5 pairs in 5 colors
* Every color stands for one scent

Package Contents:

* 10 pieces of Ear Candles

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