What is an IKEA Hack?
08/03/2019 | Posted by CrazyDeal

If you’ve spent some time scrolling through the online dimension for your furniture shopping, , chances are you’re already familiar with this buzzword: IKEA hack. The original IKEA Hackers have been around since 2006, and once the head honchos at IKEA had calmed down, withdrawn legal action, and actually embraced the hacking culture, a whole community of creative DIYers from all over the world had jumped on board.

So you’ve probably heard of IKEA hacks, but do you know what it is? 

In short, an IKEA hack is when you take an IKEA product and modify it to fit your personal tastes and needs. This could mean painting, embellishing, or even repurposing a piece of furniture to make it a better version of itself.

There are IKEA hacks for the bedroom, IKEA hacks for the kitchen, IKEA hacks for storage solutions and heaps more.

We live in a world where furniture can be bought and delivered with the click of a button and New Zealand is no different to this, so why not have some fun customizing catalogue goods? 

Not all of us are carpenters, but with a few tools, a touch of inspiration and a little patience, even the not-so-dexterous ones can transform one of IKEA’s minimalist designs into something truly unique.

In New Zealand, Shopping for products online and making them our own has always been part of kiwi ingenuity and Mitre 10 hit the nail on the head when they said ‘DIY, it’s in our DNA’, but before you whip out your paintbrush, why not find out more about IKEA’s story and get a taste of the kinds of IKEA hacks you can add to your project list? With summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to redecorate and refresh your home.

IKEA: The World’s Largest Furniture Retailer

IKEA has been adorned with this accolade for the past decade, and they’re known and loved globally for their modern, simple and ready-to-assemble bedroom furniture,Living room furniture,workspace & decoration accessories, kitchen appliances and home accessories. Some of their most popular stock right now include the white Malm drawers, Dombas wardrobe and Billy book case.

The company was founded in Sweden in 1943 by a 17 year old carpenter by the name of Ingvar Kampard, and the name IKEA is an acronym made up of his initials (I.K), the farm he grew up on (Elmtaryd), and his hometown (Agunnaryd). Straight to the point, just like their clean designs.

Give Your Home a Makeover with IKEA Hacks

You can’t go wrong with a classic Levis and white tee combo, but adding statement earrings or a raw hem is what really takes it to the next level. Similarly, you can take a bed frame, a stool step, or anything from the IKEA furniture range and accessorize it, so to speak. Channel your adventurous spirit and think outside the box to discover new ways to beautify and organize your home.

With some inspiration you’ll see more potential in your furniture, so head to Pinterest or join the IKEA hack Facebook page to discover budget friendly ways to give your house a makeover. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, there are thousands of exciting ways to put your own spin on a piece of IKEA furniture—good luck!


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